Emergency Contact Change

Frontier Kids Care is moving on to new technology Our pager system which we have been using for the last 20 years, has finally reached the end of it’s natural life. Continue reading…

Food Matters! Teens in the Kitchen

Food Matters! Teens in the Kitchen

Frontier Kids Care presents Food Matters! part 2. Research has shown that lifestyle diseases in adults usually set in from youth. Let’s get kids and parents to eat healthy by getting into the kitchen with Dr. Rose-Marie Thomas and the team at Frontier Kids Care.
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Red Eye (Viral Conjunctivitis)

We have been seeing a number of cases of red eye over the last few weeks and have been hearing about some unconventional treatments that are being advised

Red eye, also called pinkeye (Conjunctivitis) is the inflammation (ie, redness, swelling) of the thin tissue covering the white part of the eye and the inside of the eyelids.   Continue reading…

AAP Parent Site

AAP Parent Site

The American Academy of Pediatrics has developed a health site for parents concerned about their children’s health. Follow this link to the site and you will find lots of information to help with health, parenting and learning

Guidelines for Feeding your Baby

We have recently upgraded our guidelines for feeding babies in the first year of life and have added lots of examples of new foods to try, so read on and have fun feeding your baby Continue reading…