About Us

Our Care Philosophy at Frontier Kids Care is to unlock the full potential of children by providing a medical home which offers integrated paediatric care from birth through childhood to the end of adolescence. We want your children’s’ needs to be met in as holistic a manner as possible, with emphasis on EDUCATION and PREVENTION.

By this we mean that we look after your children, not only when they are sick, but when they are well, through prevention and proactive parenting.

Our purpose states:

Frontier Kids Care is healing the society and building a legacy of excellence and leadership in paediatric care by providing touch points of opportunities for children and their families to open gifts and unlock doors!

How we do things around here!


Learning not Waiting!

We are a ‘Learning not Waiting’ environment. What does this mean?

Well it means that while you wait for your appointments, you can listen to educational videos such as ‘Love and LogicĀ®’ or even request newborn information tailored to your needs.