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Business Office

Reception1Dominique updates your registration or registers you as a new patient. We make sure new phone numbers are taken, or changes of address and an email contact, if you have one, so you can receive correspondence form FKC. Visits are scheduled here on our Electronic medical records. Financial transactions are completed here, as well as requests for reports.

Waiting Room

This is a quiet learning not waiting space, where you can listen to soothing music, or read from our extensive collection of information for health, learning and parenting.

Play Room

This is our newly refurbished playroom which lets our children engage in imaginative play while they wait to see Dr Thomas. We have also included a small table with 2 stools so children can sit quietly and read or chat

playroom1 playroom2playroom3

Prep room Lisa pic

Lisa our indispensable nurse resides here, and she prepares you for the clinical visit, and distributes health information and sends your chart electronically to the doctor.

Consultation Rooms

This is where your visit is completed by Doctor Thomas. We have 2 rooms: our baby room full of our toys and dolls, where we see our babies and young children,









and the Tween to Teen Room, where you older kids can be seen.











Finally our Kitchen, where you can have a complementary cup of tea or coffee

Frontier Kids Care Slideshow

Come on in and visit our medical home! To see our video clip,   click this link!