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Play…Children’s work


“Play is a medium for expressing feelings, exploring relationships and self -fulfillment”
Garry Landreth, Ed.D., LPC, RPT-S


In Trinidad and Tobago, with a focus on SEA and preparation for the exam, our children are having less and less time for free play from a much younger age. We forget that play is essential to human growth, development, learning and cultivating relationships. Play is a natural process that:

-Builds trust and mastery
-Fosters learning and acceptable behaviours
-Regulates emotions
-Reduces anxieties
-Promotes creative thinking and problem solving
-Encourages open communication
-Elevates spirit and self-esteem

Here at Frontier Kids Care, we provide an environment that encourages imaginative play. Our playroom is a real crowd pleaser and play continues in each of our examination rooms.
We encourage our parents to continue playing with their children especially as when playing, children express thoughts and feelings that would otherwise remain hidden.

….So play on!