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Colic and calming the fussy baby

Colic is unexplained crying (not due to pain or hunger) that lasts for 1-2 hours and the child usually acts fine between bouts. The baby usually stops crying when held.

There is a new technique that was developed by Dr. Harvey Karp MD, and is used in a clinic he runs for fussy babies.

The four S’s

Swaddling Wrapping baby snuggly in a blanket so that their hands are held firmly at their sides. This mimics the snug feeling they had in the womb

Side Turning your swaddled baby on to their sides, almost facing down

Sshing Saying a sshing sound into baby’s ear. Remember that baby is accustomed to loud sounds when in mummy’s tummy.

Shaking Gently shaking baby

These 4 S’s, when used together have been successful in Calming fussy babies. Ask to see the DVD The Happiest Baby on the Block available in our Library.

For a video on swaddling baby, click on this link – swaddling