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Baby is abnormally hot and you’re not sure what to do. Is it a fever, or is the summer heat? Before you grab the thermometer and come back to find out.

What is a fever?

  • A body temperature above normal (98.6F / 37C)
  • Rectal > 100.4F / 38C
  • Armpit> 100.4F / 38C
  • Rectal temperature measurement is most accurate in newborns.

What causes it?

Fever is a symptom, not a disease. It is a normal response to infections. It helps to fight infections by turning on the body’s immune system. Most fevers with viral illnesses last 2-3 days and are not harmful to children.

What to do

Young babies with fever need to be seen RIGHT AWAY, so contact your Paediatrician !

In older children

    • Keep child cool – cool clothing with no blankets.
    • Give lots of cold fluids to drink

In fevers > 102F / 39C (taken rectally)

  • Give acetaminophen every 4-6 hrs or ibuprofen every 6-8 hr

A good rule of thumb is to contact your Paediatrician if your child is

  • Listless or behaving strangely
  • If there is a specific complaint like sore throat or earache

If the fever is higher than 104F (40C) or one that lasts more than 2days

  • Avoid aspirin, it can be harmful to your child