Our History

We started our journey as a medical home for children and their families in 1998 as La Joya Paediatrics: a lovely loft space in the busy La Joya Complex in St. Joseph.  Our core theme was Health, Learning, Parenting.


This was our first logo representing Children at the crossroads of development.






10 years later, in 2008, we said goodbye to Nemo and friends(our amazing salt water theater/aquarium) and to 
the Resource Centre that we founded, where we held amazing camps and workshops for children and families.



We re branded as Frontier Kids Care at this vintage building, a veritable landmark in Curepe (the first upstairs house, and the old Warden’s office).







Providing touchpoints of opportunities for children and their families to open gifts and unlock doors.






We welcomed our Resource Centre as virtual as Learning Not Waiting, and continued the core theme of Health, Learning and Parenting with play as the cornerstone.

We piloted our Food Matters! program in the Annexe, the meeting and events space downstairs of Frontier Kids Care. Here teens and children learn about and prepare healthy food options.

We later launched Healing Matters!: Natural products and workshops and in 2020, Play Matters!

As we approach this new era of Digital platform medicine, we remain at the frontier as we embrace Telemedicine in 2020.

We look forward to serving you at the Frontier of Pediatric care in the years to come…