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Introducing Telehealth

Frontier Kids Care introduces our new Telehealth service. Virtual visits that can be done in the comfort and safety of your home

What is Telehealth?

It is an online, virtual consultation between you and Dr. Thomas using a computer, phone or tablet with internet connection.

What  can be dealt with in this service?

HEALTH: Simple medical problems like rashes, swellings, allergies and asthma screening and review, review of lab results.

PARENTING:  Newborn concerns ( breastfeeding, rashes, colic, post-partum anxiety),   behavioral issues screening and review (bed wetting, anxiety,  behavior due to stressful family situations)

LEARNING: Developmental concerns (language delay, autism, hyperactivity, headaches and other psychosomatic  problems).
School concerns (bullying, falling grades, poor self esteem)

Book your Telehealth appointment

Proceeding to your appointment

  • Pay online here  WiPay link
  • Call/email to confirm appointment time
  • Connect to Frontier Kids Care Virtual waiting room at  Doxy me
  • Dr Thomas or Nurse Lisa will see you shortly

Be prepared:

  • Be on time
  • Send relevant information (temperature, weight, medication), pictures or videos prior to the visit.  Email 

You can bring your insurance forms to the office to be filled out following the Consultation.

Advantages of Telehealth to you and your family

  • You can visit from the comfort of your home with your child present as well as your extended family
  • It’s hassle free as you don’t have to drive to the office
  • It’s less than the cost of a face to face visit
  • No need to worry about social distancing in this COVID time

Some concerns may still warrant a physical examination to complete the assessment.

Please note that some problems will require a face-to-face consultation and physical examination.