A Bit of History


Frontier Kids Care started as La Joya Paediatrics when Dr Thomas returned form the US in 1997. The office was based at the La Joya Complex in St. Joseph.


In 2004, the Resource Center was added to bring an integrative approach to Health. Birth classes, Love and Logic classes, homework support were just some of the classes offered at the Center. There were also a number of fun, educational activities for the children including vacation camps, financial literacy camp as well as one dealing with manners in children. Educational material in the form of books, magazines as well as online, through our available computers, was available for use by our many parents.
The Resource Center was also the site for the Hand to Hold Initiative – giving back to the community – where monthly breastfeeding support group meetings were held through TIBS. We also invited schools to bring students to talk about issues that affect them, including nutrition.

In 2008, We moved to Mc Donald Place in Curepe and re branded as Frontier Kids Care. The Resource Center was incorporated into the Holistic nature of the practice and is now online as the website


McDonald Place is the restored Old Warden’s office, and the first upstairs house in Curepe. The original builder and owner, Fitzroy Bacchus was the son of a slave, and was the overseer for the Orange Grove estate, which in colonial time, stretched from the Government farm(Curepe) all the way to Trincity Mall.