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Tribute to Dr Rose Marie Thomas



This is the mission statement developed in 2016 by Dr. Rose Marie Thomas, our beloved founder. as she envisioned a pediatric practice that was much more than dealing with sickness.

Dr. Thomas, Dr. Rose Marie or Dr. Rose, as she was known by the families at FKC, opened the practice at our present location in Curepe in 2008.

Her earnest desire was to create a medical home where families could come and get help in spheres of Health, Learning and Parenting. The sharing of her distilled wisdom as a distinguished Pediatrician in Trinidad was her greatest joy and always brought a smile to her face. She spared no effort in creating a medical home that was like no other. Children would be well as they came into the office and of course were even more thrilled as they always left with a lollipop!

Dr. Thomas was always thinking of ways to do new things and improve how we did things around here!

Some of her innovative ideas were:

  • Use of electronic medical records
  • One of the first to offer Telehealth Visits.
  • Creation of a website to educate and inform parents. Developed by Dwaynne Villiers
  • Creating and managing electronic media posts on Facebook and Instagram
  • Held Food Matters! Sessions to help teens learn to make healthy snacks and foods
  • Healing Matters! Developed and marketed her own line of moisturizing creams made by Scents of Tobago (Lisa Marie Griffith)

Her death was a blow to all of us at Frontier Kids Care but she built a legacy that continues on. We continue to serve our FKC families and offer our range of services that we have become known for. We presently have Dr. Colanne Alexander (MBBS, DM Paediatrics PgDip Adolescent Health) working with us along with Lisa Roberts (Our Nurse) and Dominique Rodriguez and we will continue to serve you. We are hoping to have other Paediatricians do some sessions so that we can be more available to all our patients.

So, if we haven’t seen you for a while, call us at 645-9605 or email us at and we will be happy to serve you.