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Asthma continues to affect a large number of our children and is one of the leading causes of missing school

So what is it?

– Asthma is a condition that affects the air passages to the lungs. After being exposed to a trigger – eg dust, smoke, grass, pollen

– The small breathing tubes in the lungs (called bronchioles) can get swollen and inflamed. The muscles around the bronchioles tighten (called bronchospasm). This reaction causes the wheezing sound we associate with asthma.

– A persistent nocturnal cough may be a sign

– It is important that your child be seen by their doctor and assessed to see if they may need some medication.

– Family history can be a predictor

– For more information on asthma, follow the link to for an easy to read article on asthma which includes a video on what is happening inside the lungs in an attack.


Treatment of asthma

– Your child may be prescribed a salbutamol inhaler.

– A salbutamol metered dose inhaler (MDI) is difficult for children to coordinate.

– A spacer (or aerochamer) is usually prescribed.  Click on this video to see the correct procedure for using the spacer.

Remember that exclusive breastfeeding can reduce the chances of a child developing asthma