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Nasal Congestion in Infants

-Nasal congestion is very common in infants as their nasal passages are very small and mucous can partially block the passage giving the congested sound.

-Nasal mucous is produced to moisten the air entering the lungs to prevent drying out the lungs or in response to an allergen such as house dust, smoke or a virus.

-Not recommended to give decongestants to children under 2 yrs

How can we help our baby?

1.      Use 1-2 drops of saline to the nostrils especially before feeds or as often as needed. Apply with a plastic dropper.

-To make saline, mix ¼ tsp salt to 4 ozs cool, boiled water.


2.     Baby chest rub can be massaged to baby’s chest and back. Massaging may help to soothe baby and loosen mucous. Do not apply below the nostrils in an infant as this may cause a worsening of the problem.


3.     Eucalyptus oil can be used on pillows and sheets.


Nasal aspirators are not needed and aggressive suctioning may cause the nasal passages to become more irritated

The problem usually gets better as children grow and their nasal passages get larger.