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Breakfast – the most important meal of the day

We keep hearing from so many of our children that they don’t like to eat breakfast. But did you know that breakfast is really the MOST important meal of the day.

  • Breakfast gives you the energy you need to cope with all your school work
  • It helps you to maintain a healthy weight
  • It helps you stay awake during those hot days in the classroom

Here are some quick healthy breakfasts for those who are always rushing

  • cold, whole grain cereal with low fat milk
  • yogurt with fruits or nuts
  • pita bread pizzas
  • trail mix of nuts, dried fruits, pretzels, crackers and dry cereal

It is important to know that skipping breakfast doesn’t help people stay slim. In fact, someone who skips breakfast tends to eat more calories during the day.

For more information, check the article Ready, Set, Breakfast! on

(“Ready, Set, Breakfast!” by Steven Dowshen, MD, and Heidi Kecskemethy, RD, CSP.)