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Why we emphasize yearly health check ups

Many Paediatricians find that in their day to day practice of dealing with children and their families, health problems make up only a small part of what parents want to know.

Here is how we take your child from birth, through childhood to the end of adolescence with our focus on education and prevention.

Infants and babies:
Visits are frequent as we monitor your child’s growth and development. Feeding is our main focus as proper nutrition gives your child the best start in life and obesity can start here. We give extensive help with breastfeeding as this is the only nutrition that baby needs during the first 6 months of life. We also teach a calming technique that has helped many babies…and moms and dads during those fussy times!
Immunization is usually started at age 2 months. Go to the link for our immunization schedule. The Ministry of Health has introduced the Pneumococcal vaccine which is given with the other routine immunizations at 2, 4 and 6 mths as well as 18 mths. In December 2015, the Ministry of Health introduced the injected polio vaccine (IPV) at the 2 month visit, making it 3 shots that your child will receive at this visit.

Less frequent visits but still very important. Nutrition continues to play an important role as many babies who are not properly weaned at this stage can develop anemia (a low blood count). Safety becomes an issue as babies are moving around. We advise that you lock away all poisons, block stairs and cover plugs as baby begins to explore. Discipline is also discussed as children hit the terrible twos. All our parents are encouraged to read and learn more about the Love and Logic parenting classes that are offered through the local website at

School age:

We continue our focus on nutrition. It is during these years that we see the issue with obesity rearing it’s head again as children are more exposed to the unhealthy snack choices in school. We do weights and heights at each visit and work out the BMIs. Learning disabilities can also be picked up and dealt with in these early school years

Teenage years:
Puberty issues are dealt with during these health visits as the changes experienced by our teens can be quite distressing if they are not prepared for them. Nutrition continues to be a major focus as teens deal with their self images. We do an exit examination at age 18 yrs to send them off into the world. The Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) vaccine is offered at this age. For more information on the vaccines, go to the CDC link which offers information for parents

So we encourage you bring in your child for their regular check ups and let us help them deal with any of their problems early.