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Time for your Check Up!

So why do we advise health check ups for your children?

 Regular well-child visits, also known as check-ups or annual physicals, help detect and address health concerns, check vaccination status, as well as ensure a child’s growth and development are on track.
Advice is given to help you help your child reach their full potential.


These are some of the concerns that we address:

  • Physical examination:

    • an age appropriate exam, screens for health conditions, for example, congenital problems in babies, all the way through to scoliosis in teenagers.
  • Assessment of growth and development:

    • Growth parameters help to assess nutritional status, growth disorders, and we use developmental check lists to screen for causes of language delay, and motor disorders, like delayed walking.
  • Feeding and nutritional advice:

    •  All the way from feeding advice in the newborn period, introducing solids in the first year of life, healthy eating for the whole family, picky eaters and eating disorders in teens.
  • Behavioral assessment and advice:

    • Screening for developmental disorders such as autism, attention and hyperactivity disorders.
  • Health prevention:

    • Advice given at each stage on health, learning and parenting, such as the 4 S’s for calming fussy babies, safety prevention at the 9 month visit ,screening for hypertension in teens, vaccines – the whys and when at at each age and stage.

You can make your child’s check up close to their birthday…an easy way to remember!

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