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Emergency Contact Change

Frontier Kids Care is moving on to new technology Our pager system which we have been using for the last 20 years, has finally reached the end of it’s natural life.


We have moved on to using a cell phone for emergencies. The number is 778-7714.

It is a text only cell. Calls are not answered on this phone


Here are the guidelines for using the emergency cell

  • The phone is for use after hours or on public holidays. All other times, please call the office phone at 645-9605. If the phone is busy, leave a message with your contact number and we will get back on to you.
  • When leaving a text, please state¬†your child’s name, your name, your contact number and a brief history of what is happening to your child.
  • Urgent messages only. Non urgent matters will be dealt with the following day at the office.
  • No appointments or queries will be answered from this phone. Please email for appointments at and queries at