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Frontier Kids Care Apple Chow

We’ve heard of mango chow, pineapple chow and even portugal chow. Now it’s time to try our delicious apple chow. Read on for the recipe!

FKC Apple Chow

Shadon beni                                                                   Salt
garlic                                                                                Pepper
Chive                                                                               1/2 tbsp Lime juice or vinegar
Pimento (optional)                                                         4 gala or yellow apples, cored, skin on and cubed

Blend or chop all seasonings finely. Use as much seasoning as you wish. Add lime juice or vinegar and mix. Add apples and coat with seasoning mixture.

Remember that you can use many different fruits and vegetables to make the chow. Why not try plums, five finger, cucumber, pommerac. Write us and let us know if you can think of any other ones to try!

Calorie count: Each apple – 50-60 calories