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Teens and tweens need health checkups too!

At Frontier Kids Care, we take Health checkups in teens seriously! We screen for conditions – physical, emotional, psychological – that can lead to serious consequences, both now and in the future, if not dealt with early.


These are some of the concerns that we address:

  • Physical examination:

    • We screen for conditions like scoliosis, hypertension, diabetes, anemia. We check on their dental status
  • Nutritional advice

    • We screen for issues in nutrition – eating disorders such as anorexia and weight management are dealt with.
  • School Issues

    • We ask about issues in school such as problems with learning, bullying.
  • Psychological and emotional issues

    • We deal with self esteem issues that can lead to anxiety and depression
  • Health prevention:

    • Advice is given on issues such as drug and alcohol use as well as sexuality.

Checkups can be done close to their birthday…an easy way to remember!

Frontier Kids Care will be sending out Happy Birthday reminders so look out for it!

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