Our Frequently Asked Questions, or FAQs, try to answer some of the concerns you might have when selecting a paediatrician, or specifically, about our practices and procedures.

What is integrated paediatric care?

Integrated care means that we provide a medical home for your child in a holistic environment, so that health, parenting and learning become part of your visit, and in the learning not waiting menu and on the website. We have resources on financial literacy and on helping your children read. We integrate art and music into the environment. We offer you fun recipes and advice to make your family eat better, and achieve better health. This allows you to to unlock full potential-allow your child to reach the top of his or her God given and genetic potential.

Up to what age do you see patients?

Paediatrics care continues up to age 18 years, so we make sure that our teens get special care for their special needs. Teens and tweens, now have their own consultation room, and we have focused care for them.

Why is the wait sometimes longer than my appointment time?

We really do try our best to work by appointment, however a couple of things cause us to fall behind: children are are not little adults, and sometimes examination goes smoothly, and sometimes the baby is cranky, and needs to be fed, or the child may not be in the best of moods, so we go with the flow, as it were. Also, if an unscheduled ill patient comes in, we see that person first, before others. Thirdly, many people run late, and that throws off others. On time patients are seen before late arrivals. We try to break down the visit into the preparation with Lisa, and then the clinical encounter, to improve waiting time to the doctor, and we provide a learning not waiting environment so that you can look up any health related information, or just relax.

How do you pierce ears for babies?

We use an anaesthetic cream with a occlusive bandage of clear plastic over the ears for an hour, then the ears are pierced with an earring gun and sterile earrings [you have a choice of a few styles.] The piercing this way is painless! You can change to your own earrings in two weeks, but we advise no hoops[ pulling can tear ear lobe].