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Hand to Hold Initiative

In 2006, inspired by Andre Tanker’s song Sayamanda – “give dem children a hand to hold”, we started the outreach program the Hand to Hold Initiative. We used the Resource Center at la Joya Paediatrics to teach and share valuable health information to schools in the area.

In 2008, the Resource Center closed its doors and became virtual, as we re-branded as Frontier Kids Care and moved to our present location in Curepe. . All our information is now available online through this website and Facebook. In an effort to continue the outreach program at a time when so many of our community needs that helping hand, we are reshaping the initiative and looking at ways of assisting families in need or family centered organizations. The money made from the sale of our healthy snacks at the office will be donated to such causes.

Food matters! Snack healthily while you wait and you will be helping a worth cause!