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Healthy eating choices for the holiday

My children are home for the long holidays and are eating more than ever. What are some of the healthy choices that I can have available for them?


It is never easy to get children to eat the healthy choices but here are some suggestions that can help you through the July/August vacation.

Guide your children’s food choices instead of choosing for them. Having a wide variety of food choices in the house will allow your family to learn to select healthy food options.

Water, water and more water. Don’t have that traditional jug of juice in the fridge as children will drink that over water when given the choice. Make sure that the water is the only thing in the fridge to drink. Arrange to have the juice available at lunch time or dinner time.

Limit the fried foods. When going out for fast food, try to stay away from the fried chicken and chips or pizza, which are all loaded with fat. Try the healthier choices lie Rotisserie or barbeque chicken, and share the sides among you.

Keep fruits available. Always have a supply of fruits available in the fridge, cut up and ready to eat. Have some low fat yogurt as a topping for the fruit.

Limit convenience foods and snacks that have excess fat. Pretzels and popcorn are a wiser choice than potato chips, and baked chips are better than fried ones.

And finally, make sure that everyone in the house is eating the healthy choices. Children will only be able to adapt to the new way of eating if they see parents doing it as well.

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