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Frontier Kids Care Shopping List

Frontier Kids Care has put together a comprehensive shopping list of our favorite items to help you with your drive to living a healthier lifestyle.




The place to shop for your fresh fruits and vegetables at a great price. Imagine, you can fill your shopping bags with lots of healthy, fresh produce while staying within your budget!


Lettuce- various types/water cress/tomatoes/cucumbers/green,red  or yellow pepper – great basics for salads

Pumpkin/Squash/Carrots – can be used to make soups or try grated raw in salads and breads

Dasheen bush/ochro

Pak Choi/spinach

Melongene (Bhaigan) – great for choka and dips

Cauliflower/broccoli/zucchini/christophene – try raw!

Bodi/string beans

For Seasoning:

Onions (regular or red)/Garlic

Thyme/chive/chadon beni

Basil – see our easy to make Pesto recipe





Pineapple/pommecythere/five finger/pommerac –  great for chow!


Mangoes/bananas – but these are higher in calories. 1 banana – 100 cals




Green Figs

Plantain/ Sweet Potato




Try your own kitchen garden and here are some things that are easy to grow:

Chadon beni/thyme/chiveBasilFever grass (Lemon Grass), mint both great for making teasPimentos and other peppers




Many of your favorite Supermarkets carry a wide variety of low calorie items. The key is to look at product labels for serving size and calorie values, fat and sugar content.


1 slice whole wheat bread/ 1/2 bagel/ 1/2 english muffin (100 calories each)

Pita pockets/4 mini pitettes – 80cal

Sada – variable but usually 1 piece is 160 calories

Crix (8-100cal)

Tortillas (small) – calorie count variable – check label

Hops – 1/2 is 100 calories. Not a good choice!


Dairy section

Eggs – 1 large – 80 calories / 1 egg white approx 20 calories

Mozzarella – shredded is a good option –  1/4 cup – 80 calories. Look for partly skimmed

Cottage cheese – 80 calories/ 1/2 cup

Low fat cheese wedges – Crystal Farm or Laughing Cow– 35-50 cal

Parmesan cheese shredded – 1 tbsp – 30 calories / Feta cheese – small amounts to add to salads

Yogurt -low fat versions – watch sugar content!

Skim milk – 80 calories/1 cup



Split Peas/lentils/pigeon peas/red beans





Rice – brown is a good choice

Whole grain pasta

Oats/ corn meal/cream of wheat




Mauby bark/sorrel – dried or fresh/tamarind Juice

100% juices – look for 100 calories/package

Citrus fruits – fresh or unsweetened tinned


Chicken (Lean cuts skinned)

Fish fillets / Salt fish / Shrimp / Seafood

Lean Ground Beef-use sparingly

Tuna in water / Sardines in water

Salt fish/smoke herring

Lean Ham or Turkey slices



Tamarind Chutney-small amounts as chutneys contain sugar

Grainy mustard

Honey/maple syrup-for flavoring, use sparingly

Olive oil spray / canola oil spray

Low fat mayonnaise and low fat salad dressing – Raspberry/Ranch/Caesar

Salad vinegar / Balsamic vinegar

Tomato Salsa



Small Kit Kat- 80 calories

Grapes – 1 1/2 cups =100 calories

Low Fat Popcorn – 2 cups – 100 calories

Digestive Chocolate Biscuit – 90 calories

Motts Apple Sauce – 100 calories/cup

Crix – 8 crix – 100 calories

Hunts Low fat Puddings  -80 calories

Raisins – 1/4 cups – 100 calories

Prunes – 5 prunes = 1oz – 50 calories

Pretzels – 1oz – 100 calories

Rice Cakes – 30 calories per cake

Kiwi – 1- 25 calories/ Cantaloupes – 1 cup cubed – 50 calories. Great choices!

Kiss goodies – 100 cals each

Almonds – 15 – 100 calories/1/4 cup – 200 calories

Walnuts – 1/4 cup is 200 calories. Crush and use sparingly as toppings on salads and yogurts

Cranberries/dried – 1/4 cup – 100 cals



There is  a nice variety of:-

Low calorie fruits such as cantaloupe, kiwi, watermelon, gala apples and grapes

Different types of vegetables such as romaine lettuce, iceburg lettuce, baby carrots, celery

Cheeses such as cottage cheese, feta, provolone slices – 80 calories/slice, large packs shredded mozzerella,

mini Babybel light – 50  calories each, Laughing cow light wedges – 35 calories per wedge.

Lean ham/turkey/roast beef/chicken breast slices

Nuts and berries such as almonds, walnuts, pistachios, cranberries, prunes, raisins

Snacks such as Ritz crackers or breadsticks with cheese, Quaker 100 calorie granola chewy bars, Nabisco 100 calorie snack packs,

100 calorie juices such as Apple and Eve or Motts

We love the Lawry’s garlic and parsley seasoning powder to add to steamed or stir fried vegetables, channa and vegetable dips and meats and soups