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High BMIs in children

In the US and in here in Trinidad and Tobago, there is an epidemic of obesity in children. This is measured using the Body Mass Index (BMI) – the body weight relative to height squared.
You will notice that at every health check up, we measure your child’s weight and height and plot them on growth charts which also show the BMI for age curves.

Because we know that adult diseases begin in infancy and childhood, we emphasize preventative nutritional care at each health supervision visit.

For example, did you know that putting cereal in your baby’s bottle may predispose them to problems with obesity later on? Link here to our guidelines for feeding baby

Many of our children and teens are falling into the overweight category – a troubling trend as increased BMIs are linked to many health problems such as diabetes and high blood pressure. See this article on obesity .

Weight loss is never easy! It involves a lifestyle change for the entire family. It means looking at portion control, meal planning, involving children in meal preparation, eating together as a family at least once a day and more. It means incorporating  more physical activity in to your daily lives.

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